Licensing made simple for small businesses.

Take the stress out of SaaS Licensing with our simple, easy to use, and affordable licensing solution. Our API makes it easy to integrate with your existing application.

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Coupling robust functionality with seamless integration, Licenex's API exceeded all my expectations as a developer. The detailed documentation and endpoints simplified the integration process noticeably. This API stands as a great example of efficiency, reliability, and ease of use in software development.

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"Empowering businesses to focus on growth by simplifying licensing complexities."

Our Mission

At Licenex, we understand that businesses grow when they can concentrate on their core offerings and customer service. That's why we've committed ourselves to provide Licensing as a Service that makes licensing straightforward and effortless for businesses of all industries and sizes.

We deliver comprehensive licensing solutions designed to meet your business's unique needs. We update and adjust these solutions as regulations change, enabling your business to stay ahead, always ready for tomorrow's market dynamics.

Our approach is to integrate seamlessly into your business operations, becoming a trusted partner who works for your success. We respect how valuable time is for an ambitious organization, and thus, strive to take the stress of licensing off your shoulders, freeing up your time so that you can focus on what truly matters - growing your business and delivering unparalleled value to your customers.

Innovation is at our core, and we adhere to a philosophy of continuous improvement. We perpetually refine our services and re-evaluate our strategy based on changing market demands and customer feedback. This results in a Licensing as a Service provider that evolves alongside your business, always ready to support your journey of growth and success.

Trusting Licenex with your licensing needs means enabling a smoother, more efficient business operation, significantly reducing the risk of non-compliance. Your success is our goal, and we aim to be a catalyst for it through our top-of-the-line licensing services.

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What we offer

Product Management
Manage your products and see active licensing details for each product at a quick glance.
Customer Management
See all the licenses a single customer has assigned to them and the active status of the licenses.
License Management
Control every aspect of license from an easy-to-understand user interface. Make changes to your licenses on the fly.
Custom Reporting
With multiple reports available at any date range you choose, you can be sure to be on top of your licensing metrics.
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Licenex has been a game-changer for managing my software licenses, with its intuitive interface making it easy to navigate. Their exceptional customer service provides quick answers to all queries inching a step closer to a hassle-free experience. I recommend Licenex to fellow developers for efficient and organized license management. A previously time-consuming process is now effortlessly streamlined, thanks to Licenex.

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Choose the right plan for you


$0.00 /month

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Everything to let you try out the product. No credit card required.

  • 25 Licenses
  • 1 Product
  • 3 Seats
  • 72-hour support response time


$19.99 /month

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Everything necessary to get started.

  • 2500 Licenses
  • Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited Seats
  • 72-hour support response time
  • $0.10 per addl. license


$49.99 /month

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Everything in Basic, plus faster support times and cheaper additional licenses.

  • 6000 Licenses
  • Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited Seats
  • 48-hour support response time
  • Custom Feature requests
  • $0.07 per additional license


$74.99 /month

Create Account

Everything in Essential, plus quicker response times and one on one help.

  • 20000 Licenses
  • Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited Seats
  • 24-hour support response time
  • One on one help available
  • Custom feature requests
  • $0.05 per additional license
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